We all wish we had a golden acorn of truth that would magically create a solution or elevate our game. However, we don’t get to the gold if we don’t do the work. The great news is you don’t have to go at it alone. I’m eager to help leaders define, communicate, and reach bold goals through a collaborative partnership. Below are ways I can support you and your organization with my 25+ years of expertise and experience driving national transformations and personal growth. Let’s connect more personally about your needs and how I can help.  


As a certified master-level executive coach, I provide space for you to explore your challenges, set your goals, and build a plan to address them. I use an inquiry-based approach to help clients develop and sustain new perspectives and behaviors. 

I conduct 50-minute confidential sessions (currently remote and on-camera; traditionally in-person). During the session, clients focus on four areas: (1) goal identification, (2) solution development, (3) action plan, and (4) action plan progress.

Clients include Senior Executive Service federal executives, active-duty Colonels, and business executives. I specialize in emerging female leaders and service members transitioning to their post-military career.

Reach out if you’d like a free 20-minute exploratory call.


To me, facilitation is about being a guide for meaningful conversations. I create customized sessions that stimulate discovery, improve connections, and build solutions to move a team forward. My online and in-person sessions start with the end in mind through clearly defined outcomes, account for adult learning styles, and combine personal, small-group, and team-centered activities. 


I specialize in communications, culture, planning, and change management support. I strive to find the balance between bold ideas and practical solutions. My approach to consulting is educational. As I work with your team to deliver meaningful solutions that are measurable, I actively share my expertise. I want the solutions we build together to help you succeed long beyond my time with your organization. I actively connect my network so like-minded leaders and organizations with similar missions can collaborate for greater impact. 


I enjoy sharing my expertise and experiences to help leaders find inspiration, learn practical solutions, and re-engage more authentically to get measurable outcomes. Here are a few topics I cover:

  • Leadership communications
  • Interpersonal communications
  • Branding
  • Storytelling
  • Strategy (Vision, Mission & Plan)
  • Media training
  • Change management 


Periodically, I support not-for-profit organizations with strategic planning, board of directors offsites, or communications. My pro-bono work centers on the missions that are near and dear to me: 

  • The military community in honor of the hundreds of combat-wounded who shared their stories with me and changed me to the core.
  • Religious institutions in honor of Rev. Dr. Oehler, my favorite pastor who I call Dad.
  • Early childhood education in honor of my mother Jaynelle, a tireless advocate for vulnerable children.
  • Empowerment of females in honor of my grandmothers, whose legacy I try to live into every day.

Client Quotes

My sincere ‘thank you!’ for making this offsite a great experience. As the CIO acknowledged, these efforts are never easy to accomplish and you accomplished it superbly. Your dedication and teamwork has been awesome!

– Federal Strategic Planner (GS-15)

I just received your thoughtful thank you note. It means a lot to me that you take so many actions, continuously, to connect us and raise us up. You live the CLEARR (collaborative, leadership, excellence, agility, respect, responsibility) values and are the leader I want us all to be. Thank you for showing us the way!

– Team manager

You have the ability to provide questions that others can’t to design strategies that work.

– Corporate division deputy

You should be proud of the leadership you have shown your team, and of the impact they have had on the sterling reputation of this organiztion. You are a demanding leader with a relatable, personal style that gets results from your subordinates:  their product is always professional, never tardy, and enviably on target, every time.

 – Federal SES client / retired Air Force Senior Master Sergeant  

It has been an absolute pleasure working with you over the years! I’ve learned so much and I sincerely appreciate you. I will miss your enthusiasm, your wit, your attention to detail and how your mind is able to make the most complex ideas and processes so easy for us. I’ll also miss our late afternoon chats. After each chat, I feel centered, empowered, and ready to tackle the next big project. Most of all you are just a joy to be around.

– Federal SES healthcare leader