My life has centered around stories. Bedtime stories with mom. Family conversations during dinner as a kid. Dad’s sermons each Sunday. TV news production. Patient advocacy. Wounded warrior’s transformations. Ghost writing for leaders in the federal government. I captured many of these stories in my journals that date back to early Elementary school. For me, stories are a way to connect, learn, and find inspiration. No bull just my thoughts. 


I believe growth happens between words and actions, and therefore named my blog “Golden Acorns.” To me, this blog is about the integration of fierce golden faith-filled energy, knowledge, and hard work to grow the acorns that matters most to each of us. Or, as Carl Jung wrote, “our main task is to discover and fulfill our deep innate potential, much as the acorn contains the potential to become the oak.”


Read, share and discuss my articles that provide actionable ways leaders can improve communications, build stronger teams, support organization change, and foster meaningful outcomes through people-centered approaches. LinkedIn articles include:


Public Relations Strategies & Tactics –A Risk-Ready Company Culture, 2020

Federal Times – “Using the Right Tools (plan in complex, uncertain times), 2019

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American University, “Real World Strategic Planning,” 2021

Junior League of Northern Virginia “Leading & Engaging Teams Across Communication Styles,” 2021

FedHeads “Raising the Bar on Customer Experience in the Federal Government,” 2019


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