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As I set up my calendar for the month, I select a quote I’ve found that speaks to me. I write it in my planner and leave space below it to capture phrases I hear or read that speak to me and relate to the quote. I found this practice centers me for the month, and helps me be more present in my conversations, meetings, and readings. For September 2021, the quote was “Your quest is powerful. You needn’t apologize for the space it takes.”

I think this quote spoke to me for a variety of reasons. I was coming out of three months being the primary caregiver for both my parents due to my mom’s medical emergency and dad’s advancing dementia. I was stepping back into work after 12-months away. I was focused on my goal to coach and write more. I liked its symbolism of our journey as a quest. That it’s about the search – that we don’t need to have all the answers. There was something I seemed to be looking for, and I liked the endorsement this quote gave me to make my search and growth a priority.

Some of the phrases I collected over the 30 days of September included:

  • The flame of inquiry
  • The wound is where light enters you
  • What mountain will we expect to bow down?
  • Always work on something uncomfortably exciting
  • Joy is in the messiness
  • Provide space and grace
  • What will build the greatest ripple effect?
  • There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way
  • There is so much we can let go of without losing a thing
  • Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it
  • Your soul is here to grow

With the month behind me, I think I did well on my quest. I had more personal conversations at work about the shift I felt coming out of my leave. I started a new certification to become a mindfulness facilitator which will serve my career goals and build a habit as a practitioner. I wrote five blogs. I explored volunteering with the American Heart Association. I celebrated 19 years married. I set up a workspace outside where I feel more at peace, and more like me of the me I want to be. I spoke at church on rekindling faith as a caregiver (18 minute mark). I appreciate the permission this quote gave me to more boldly step forward on the quest that is me… and I hope it helps empower you.


Monthly Quote (Sept 2021) – Powerful Quest

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