Prayer request for those so inclined…

Two weeks ago a coworker’s 30-year-old son was killed instantly in a car crash leaving behind a very young son. Today was her first day back at work and she sent out an all-staff email thanking folks for their support.  In this email she listed several reasons why she was thankful for God’s grace and mercy with what occurred.  Powerful demonstration of faith and a mother’s heat-crushing pain.  In the email she asked for prayers, so here’s one for who I’ll call Grace.


We cannot understand all that is around us, and what happens to us and the ones we love. We crave answers and order to our whys.

Thank you for giving us Grace who focuses on blessings and shares her faith amidst tragedy. Help us see as she does.

Remain by her side as she grieves her loss, and clings to memories rather than the man she raised. Enable her to foster faith in her grandson as he struggles with the big concepts of death and life without dad.

Help Grace see flickers of her son in her grandson and find comfort that he and his love live on. Deliver friends and family who let Grace “be” with loss, and support her to move forward in life. Continue to fill her with an appreciation of your grace and mercy so that she can be a witness to her community.



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