Prayer request for those so inclined…

A bestie is bringing her father home from hospice for a family-centered goodbye after years battling Parkinson disease. I’ll call her Murphy in honor of happier times in the Irish pub together.

God, we are not equipped to handle the loss that comes with deep, unconditional love. We want to help our loved one — comfort them — yet what we need, in fact, is their comfort to do this. We know peace with you is eminent and good, yet we selfishly want him here hand in hand longer, indefinitely.

As we struggle, we ask that you comfort our loved one—Murphy’s Dad. He is a wonderful man and tremendous dad, and we are grateful for his humor, his wisdom, and his candid compassion. Thank you. Shore us up so that we can be fully present for him. Be with all his care providers as they share their support, care and expertise to help so many in need. We know they’ll be a seat at your table for him, and with a tall cold one and big hearty welcome toast. In the meantime, please stay close to Murphy. She needs you.



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