Prayer request for those so inclined…  my dynamo Associate Pastor for Youth and Young Adults, Rev Whitney Fauntleroy, moved into a rehab center as part of her recovery from spinal surgery (non-cancerous tumor) that has her currently paralyzed from her chest down. She is faith filled and a believer in prayers.

God, oh God.Your call is never easy. Even when we believe and want to follow, your call is never easy. You have expectations. We also have our own expectations—of our life, our future, our plan. We expect them all to line up peacefully. Then the moment of collision occurs between your expectations and ours. Shattered reality with bruised faith and unanswered questions remain.

You soundly called Whitney, and she amplifies your message to so many young forming people, and adults alike. Her words, passion, joy of music (especially Disney), and love of shoes make her a real pastor … a relatable pastor. You now have her reforming. A new body. A new perspective. A new journey. You ask a lot of her.

As she transforms reflect back to her what she gives to others:  comfort in scripture, poignant prayers, passion against injustice, humor, and belief. Connect her family, friends, and faith community together to support her. Comfort her youth group as they struggle to process the experience. Echo our compassion through her soul so that she may call up its power on dark days of growth. Enable her to hold tight to your call and to adjust her expectations in order to see new possibilities that you have in store for her. Be with her in new and familiar ways that keep her close to you during all that lay ahead.


Rev. Whitney Fauntleroy

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