Prayer request for those so inclined…

This one is for my friend “Princess Alex” as she and her family work through her father’s advancing Parkinson.


For so many of us, our parents are the closest relationship we have to you… guardian, teacher, sage, guidepost, disciplinarian—all wrapped in unconditional love. We idolize, cling, question, push away, and return to their love time and time again. Changes in our parents leave us on shifting sand and facing an encroaching sea of loss, anger, and uncertainty.  

Be with Princess Alex as she struggles to handle her father’s medical challenges and changes in how he can show up in the world due to Parkinson Disease. Give her strength to support him, fortitude to endure the slow progression of the illness, humor to balance the darkness, providers to offer creative & comforting care, friends who can lessen her load, and faith that you are with her constantly.

Thank you for the gift of her dynamic, dedicated dad—who’s love empowers Princess Alex, envelopes her friends, and lives actively through everyone he connects with. Bring comfort to her dad and mother as they work through such a monumental and scary life change. Put joy, compassion and flexibility in their path, along with your grace.


Princess Alex

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