Prayer request for those so inclined…

Today I offer prayers for both a group, and one of them specially, LeWan Nichele. The Veterans Affairs healthcare system is the largest US hospital system, serving 9 million of largely the most vulnerable to COVAID-19 (over 65 with multiple complex conditions). Additionally, the health care system is BACK UP to every hospital in the country and must handle overflow in a national health crisis. There are more than 300,000 medical employees within the VA.


Thank you for those called to care and heal our sick and wounded. They put other’s health first, often at the expense of their own. They go where others won’t, they do what others can’t, and they care when others haven’t.

For those providing medical care to our Veterans we ask for endurance, compassion, rest, humor and recognition—especially for LeWan and her nursing peers who carry the full weight of the health care system and their patients concern on their compassionate and weary shoulders.

Give LeWan, and her coworkers nationwide, moments of peace to recharge.  Remind those they care for to celebrate their caregiver — their technical knowledge, their attention to protocol, their firmness, and their warmth. Our country is fortunate to have both those who served and those who serve them now.


Veteran Caregivers

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