Prayer request for those so inclined…


I must say, woman to woman, that I’m pretty pissed at the moment and shoveling in coping munchies like a champ. Cancer. Once again, fucking cancer.

You know Chiquita. She speaks to you regularly. She speaks of you regularly. She is your sheep… and also a sheep herder bringing faith in you, through word and deed, to so many. But damn, cancer.

So much is unknown but fear abound with words like “spread into lymph nodes,” “non-surgical,” “chemo,” and “help you live with it.” Live with it? Cancer? Not the Buddy anyone wants hanging around.  

I, and so many of Chiquita’s family and friends—which includes 2 high school aged children—seek your strength, compassion, and comfort for her. Fortify her faith. Silence her fear. Steady her mind.

As a former reporter she seeks answers, gracefully grant them. As a nurse who prefers to give care, help her see that her caring doesn’t end when we care for her. As a networker who seeks to foster relationships, surround her with a ripple of love from near and far.

For her care team… preciseness, patience, and positivity. It’s what she would do.

For her family… help with traditions, safety to live in a frightening space, and connections who demonstrate hope.

But most of all, fortify her faith through acts known and unknown that keep her bound to you…. along with some thrilling moments worthy of a Chiquita!



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