Prayer request for those so inclined…

She randomly popped in my head in the middle of the day at work, so I called an out-of-town friend. She shared she’s getting an MRI tomorrow (after 2 mammograms and ultrasound) so doctors can get a better visual before a possible biopsy … something suspicious. We’ll call her Spunky.


We take our bodies for granted; you make them amazing — and in such wonderful varieties. So, when things don’t work well or have iregularities we are at a loss… and afraid. Be with Spunky in the isolation of the MRI, the solitude of the wait, and the silent fear of the unknown future that plays out in her mind on repeat. Surround her with smart and compassionate medical professionals who communicate with clarity.

Put small joys in her path to balance her worry. Keep her centered on today through the support of loved ones. And whatever is learned and lay ahead, reassure Spunky that she will not face it alone but surrounded by faith, friends, and family.



I’m “recycling” someone (and she’d be proud of me for it)…. many months ago many of you prayed for Spunky as she began her attack on breast cancer. Well, she needs some more positive energy. After a mastectomy, many months of chemo, significant sores from shingles which impacted her chemo, chemo induced early menopause — and oh, a pandemic …. she just found out she now faces 25 doses of radiation over 5 weeks (not to mention a 5-year drug treatment. She is low. Very low. And dammit, I can’t pop down several states and help.  


Not gonna lie. I’m mad…frustrated…and sad that Spunky must continue on this sucky path. She wore a brave face and moved around many roadblocks. She is tired and worn out.

I know she can do this. I see the strength she has, but her mind is exhausted trying to keep her body together. Enable her to summon the core of her power and brace herself through the weeks ahead.

Absorb her pain, her loss, her irritation, her doubt, her anger. Transfer our belief to her. Perhaps lower a few hills on her journey or extend the downhill glide. Motivate her inner circle of friends to dig in deep around her as a ring of comfort. Give her some unexpected giggles. Let hope whisper in her ear. But most of all, be with her.



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