Prayer request for those so inclined…. prayer for a coworker turned bestie who I’ll refer to a Q.  


You made us all in your image. As I think of it, some magical piece of each of us is you… height, humor, stubbornness, laugh, resilience, allergies. At our center (much like a Tootsie pop) is the piece of your goodness. We might not see, appreciate, understand, or want what we have — especially when what makes us special in your eyes, isn’t in others.

This acceptance of our full, unique self is complicated. We carry expectations (ours and others), doubts, bravado, fear, hope, desires, and dreams about who we are…. and then there’s who we want to be. Continuing to grow into your image can be lonely, scary, and breathtaking. But when we move closer, comfort abounds.

For Q, help us emit a wave of reinforcement for the person she is stepping into through much hard work, reframed boundaries, self acceptance, and faith. Continue to replenish her joy as the world rubs against her, seemingly testing her as she fortifies her sea legs. Provide touch points of reassurance on her path. And, as she casts her new light, like a freshly painted lighthouse, may it lead healthy accepting love back to her. Help Q see, feel, and own all the magic and wonder that is her.

Finally, we are grateful to you for making her. And celebrate the diversity of your image among us.


A Prayer for Q

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