Prayer request for those so inclined…

Today I learned about Kairos Prison Ministry ( … multi-denominational program that brings faith and forgiveness into the lives of many incarnated people — as well supports their loved ones outside.  Ex-convict, Veteran, father of 4 girls, employed roofer, Christian, and now volunteer Michael Woods shared his story.  He asked for prayers.  


Michael said you put all the “knuckle heads in one place” so it’d be easier to reach them rather than “find them all on the outside one at a time.” But yet we (your servants) left them alone, without support. Without connection. Without light. Without a plan forward. Consumed in greater darkness. 

Michael shared that anyone who serves in prison could be our neighbor one day — standing next to us in line at Walmart, doing a home repair, playing with their kids in a park — and wouldn’t it be better if that person had support in prison, experienced a larger love and had sanctuary in your forgiveness?

Help us put aside our judgement, fear and ignorance to be a part of their faith journey.  Be with those “on the inside.” Pull them to meaningful programs like Kairos. Reinforce the faith of those who volunteer in the program by giving 4 days of direct program support for a kick-off retreat. 

Be with the volunteers who bake thousands of “forgiveness cookies” for the retreat; create inspiring posters and make prayerful placemats for the participant’s cells; participate in 24-hour prayer chains; and donate. Deliver a network to prisoner’s loved ones “on the outside” who are jailed in their own way.

Fill in the gaps of a missing mother, father, sibling, best friend, or spouse — gone and largely inaccessible for years of life’s major milestones. Remind us that no one should be written off. 


Kairos Prison Ministry

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