Prayer request for those so inclined…

Several years ago I sat in the main hanger for the 82nd Airborne at a military event.  Impressive is the only word that comes to mind nearly 10 years later.  Many were called up this week, families separated, and lives changed.  


You call for peace, but you give us the freedom of war.  Until we can do a better job listening, seeking to understand, digging deeper than a tweet on a narrow-minded feed, accepting different, and seeking nonviolent thoughts, emotions and solutions — be with those who defend and fight on our behalf.  As we struggle for what is “ours,” open our hearts and minds to what is there’s… and the new perspective that comes with new understanding.

Our Warriors do what most of us don’t want to or can’t.  We pass our buck to them — out of ignorance, fear or avoidance.  We appreciate their gift to us… a gift of serenity to live life outside of human blood shed and battle. Give them mental fortitude and the strength to seek help along the way. While we want them safe, combat doesn’t work that way.  Surround them with a connected pack of battle buddies and a broader network of family and friends who cheer, listen and comfort them.  

Help their loved ones at home manage fear, cope with challenges, and “go it alone” missing a parent, spouse, friend and companion.  Give the leaders – political and military – patience to see new options and courage to take them.  Until a day comes when the need for Warriors ends, cloak them in our appreciation of their service and sacrifice— and post combat support.


Combat Warrior

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