Prayer request for those so inclined for the passing of my Uncle John.


Grief – cold, crashing, and continuous like a stormy, winter sea. We feel the dark pull yet are buoyed by memories of him which keep us afloat. We seek to swim to the safety of our loved one, only to be reminded of his absence.

While our minds may understand that grief is the result of love, our hearts don’t care. While our minds replay happy memories, our hearts don’t care. While we know he’s in a better place out of the constraints of Parkinson’s, our hearts don’t care.

We only know what we feel. The loss washes over us. Steeling our breath. Pulling us down.

Be with my family as they float without the steady anchor of their husband, father, and uncle.

Help his family, friends, and coworkers bask in the light of his legacy: 

  • Caring husband
  • Dynamic dad
  • Boisterous belly laughing uncle
  • Protective and joking brother
  • Education advocate
  • Faithful Lutheran
  • Davidson graduate

Remind us, in our loss now, that there is eternal comfort through your love.

Keep us connected to each other in this time of need, celebrating the man who lived in your grace and shared it with others.


Uncle John

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