Prayer requests for those so inclined….

This week I rushed out of the metro in DC and breezed past a dad and two young children who were at the top of the metro; he asked for money to feed his kids.  About 10 steps after I passed them my brain and heart actually “saw” them.  

The dad tired, worn and concerned—but attentive to the kids. The kids were in a stroller, guessing under the age of 5.  The youngest, a boy, strapped in.  The girl, standing in the stroller facing her dad, chatting, wearing a yellow dress.  

I stopped and actually thought, what the hell is wrong with me—it’s insanely hot, no one wants to ask for help, and it’s clear he’s worried about his kids.  How can I walk by?  I went back, handed him $20, and said “hope this helps today.” His eyes lit up and he blessed me and gave me a sincere thank you.


I pray for Little Miss Sunshine in her yellow dress, her dad and brother.  Help their neighbors see them… truly see them. Wash away our disdain, judgement, and self-centeredness.

Enable us to see the person and extend humanity to them as we can… a smile, a meal, a donation, a contact, a prayer. Surround them with compassion. Connect them with programs.  Blanket them in hope. Protect them with your grace.


Little Miss Sunshine

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